VO Atlanta 2021 Virtual Conference Call for Speakers 

The VO Atlanta Virtual Conference expects to attract voiceover attendees from more than 20 countries and 40 states here in the U.S. Since we are virtual for 2021, we will reach even more people in more places.

Our presenters speak to a global audience. We are excited about our Call for Speakers since attendees are actively looking to advance their businesses and careers through interaction with top coaches and fellow professionals. Our 2021 Call for Speakers is a part of our process to select and connect with the best resources available. 

Attendees at past conferences have rated most highly those sessions that are relevant, cover emerging issues, are interactive, and that provide added information or skills they can use immediately. To take part in our call for speakers, submit an abstract below. 

Since VO Atlanta 2021 is Virtual we are looking to attract speakers from around the world who are well versed in presenting virtually and can add value to our community. 

We are looking for speakers and presenters who understand the importance of giving attendees something that can use to learn and grow from. It is about the attendees and their needs. If you want an idea of what makes a great presentation, think TED Talks where the sessions are short but focused on making an impact. 

Dates to Remember 

  • Submissions Open: Wednesday January 20, 2021 
  • Submission Status: OPEN
  • Schedule Announcement: Monday, March 1, 2021 
  • Event Dates: Monday, April 19th–Sunday, April 25, 2021 

CLICK HERE to learn about our various categories for speaking to help you know where you fit in. 

PLEASE READ ALL the sections below. If you have specific questions that are not answered below, email admin@voatlanta.me for additional support. Our call for speakers is only active for limited times, so submit for consideration soon. 

You may submit up to four sessions. (Please try to stay within the same program track) 

Tips for making your abstract shine

  • Be sure to check out the tips below

    • Descriptive and edgy titles are best. Bonus points for references to the conference theme of “RESILIENCE.” 
    • Make sure your abstract description contains enough detail, so we know what you are going to talk about. If adjustments are needed later, we will have the opportunity to fix it. 
    • Be true to your track area. If you are submitting as part of ‘Animation’ your submission should speak to, and focus on ‘Animation’ 


    • Be passionate, and enthusiastic, about your chosen topic. 
    • Feel free to submit up to 4 abstracts. We must maintain an overall balance across all the tracks and their topics. 
    • Consider how your presentation is relevant to today’s voice actor and the voiceover community. 
    • Consider what discussions could be sparked by your presentation. VO Atlanta is all about learning, making connections, and discussing ideas; consider what people will talk about after your presentation. 
    • Explain what benefit your presentation will bring to the attendees. 
    • Tell an exceptional story and make it personal. 
    • Show real-world examples, especially your own experiences, to support your presentation. 
    • Make sure you can meet your session time limit. Breakouts and panels are 45-minutes while workshops are 3-hours. 
    • When describing your ‘Take-Aways,’ be sure to start the description with action words like “Learn, Explore, Access, Discover, etc. 

    Do not: 

    • Use your presentation to specifically promote the superiority of method or another over all others. Instead, talk about the pros and cons of various techniques and invite the audience to share their own experiences related to your discussion. 
    • See your presentation as a platform to market your company or product. 
    • Use your platform to demean, undermine, or otherwise put-down others. It is unprofessional and only serves to diminish your standing. 
    • Include unnecessary elements in your presentation that will distract from your content. 

Session Details

VO Atlanta offers distinct types of sessions 

Breakout/Panel Sessions are the most common form of session at VO Atlanta. Each session lasts 45-minutes and is meant to educate, engage, and encourage attendees. These sessions range in size from around 40 people to well over 400. 

X-Session/Workshops represent our ‘small group’ training sessions and are intended to provide an opportunity for attendees to receive focused training from some of the best resources in the business. These sessions are limited to just 12 attendees and last 3-hours. (NOTE: These sessions must include actual teaching and not simply ‘on-mic.’) 

Dates and session times availability 

  • Since VOA21 is a virtual event, it is vital that we understand your availability for sessionsPlease make note of the following dates and times regarding the schedule. 
  • The entire conference will run from April 19th until April 25th, 2021. 
  • The primary presenting days are Tuesday through Saturday 
  • First Sessions start at 8:30am EST 
  • Last Sessions end at 9:30pm EST 
  • NOTE: X-Sessions take place between the following hours 
  • 8:30am-11:30am or 7:00pm-10:00pm (6 in each block) 
  • 11:45am-2:45pm or 3:15pm-6:15pm (2 in each block) 
  • Monday and Sunday follow custom schedules 

NOTE:  The submission form provides an opportunity for you to specify any restrictions on your schedule availability. 

Speaker Selection Information

Selecting the best speakers for VO Atlanta is a long and arduous process, as we receive many inspiring abstracts from highly qualified people. We strive for a good mix of speakers, and we want to encourage everyone to submit a proposal. 

After the submission deadline, the VO Atlanta speaker submissions review board will review all the proposals and select the ones that will make the most interesting mix at the conference. 

If you’re selected as a speaker

All selected speakers get a free registration to attend VO Atlanta Virtual ($595 Value). Workshops are compensated based on the actual number of registrations. 

Please remember this is a community conference. Our goal is to support and educate a great community while having an enjoyable time. 

We would love to see a proposal from you! 

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