VOA21 On-Demand Acting

Whether we’re talking about animation, commercial, promo/affiliate, audiobooks, or medical narration, Voiceover has its roots in the art and craft of Acting. Actors are, for all intents and purposes, storytellers. As voice actors, we have the opportunity and good fortune to express the fundamental truths of life in concert with other creative artists: writers, animators, cinematographers, directors, and musicians. Together, we are about the business of uniting people through our common human experience. To express ourselves truthfully and authentically behind a microphone, (without sounding like a “talking head”) we voice actors must incorporate skills in the art of Acting, no matter the genre we work in. There are several approaches or methods available for actors to explore. But no matter the method, all great approaches teach us vulnerability, honesty, and in-the-moment presence. It’s been said a million times over that having a “great sounding voice” is NOT what makes a great voice actor. It is, rather, the voice actor’s capacity to engage honestly and authentically in relation to others. This is what acting training is all about.