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Training Resources

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Training Resources

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“Automotive VO – The Essential Workshop”

More automotive advertisements are produced and broadcast than most any other genre of VO. Manufacturers and dealerships are adding online content daily. You’re invited to attend this VO for Automotive Workshop for Men and Women as part of VO Intensity 2018, July 20th & 21st, Atlanta, Ga. This is the ‘Virtual Option’ and is open to talent at all levels.

If you’re unsure how to approach an automotive audition, This is For You! Hint, It’s not all yelling and selling.

It’s about understanding what you are saying and why. So let’s expand your VO horizon!

Reach for your MAXIMUM Potential + MAXIMUM Opportunities!

Training Includes:

Module 1 “The Automotive VO Business”

Overview: Before getting into the work, you need to understand what Automotive VO is and how it differs from any other area of voiceover. During this module, you will get a clear understanding of this area of VO and the business behind it.

  • What is Automotive VO
  • How does it differ from Commercial VO
  • Why Automotive is the “Holy Grail” of VO
  • Identifying the players in the automotive industry
  • Understanding Dealerships
  • Understanding Automotive Ad Agencies
  • Learn about Self-Promotion
  • Create an Auto-Persona
  • Creating an effective (and simple) email campaign
  • How to approach agencies and dealerships
  • Managing Revisions
  • Setting Rates (Pricing your work)

Module 2 “The Work”

Overview: Now that you have a general understanding of the business side of things, let’s talk about doing the work. In this module, you’ll get an understanding of how to WOW your clients and deliver exactly what the client needs. You’ll finish up this module with a better understanding of what it takes to perform as an Automotive VO Talent.

  • Identify and discuss the 15 points of an Automotive Script
  • Describe the different characters in an automotive script
  • How your performance differs from commercial
  • Adjusting your delivery in an Automotive Read
  • The importance of an “automotive-specific” demo

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Cliff Zellman

Cliff Zellman

Automotive VO Master

Cliff Zellman has been active in the production industry for over 40+ years and pretty much recorded, produced, directed and edited just about anything & everything audio. His firm foundation in music has been instrumental (pun intended) in his success on the “other side of the glass”. He has received several awards of recognition including an Emmy in 1990 for “Outstanding Lyrics and Music” for “Beauty and the Beast”. His audio production experience has taken him throughout the country as well as several projects in Taipei for Rock Records, Friendly Dogs Music Group, and Music Impact/BMG Asia.

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