This promotional offer ends February 16th

The Valentine Day promotional offer from VO Atlanta goes further than any offer to provide those interested in professional voiceover an opportunity to learn from the very best in the business.

Each session lasts an average of 40-60 minutes, so you’ll have plenty of content to discover.

Below you will see the session track followed by the session title, then the presenter/moderator name. With this registration, you receive 90-days of online access with the ability to download the content for your ‘personal library’ All for under $100 dollars.

To register, just select the “VOA19 VIRTUAL CONFERENCE PASS ” below and use PROMO CODE: LoveVO to take 60% off your registration. To view additional options about our Virtual Conference for VO Atlanta, CLICK HERE.


Animation | Animation Panel – Do funny voices? Then get Serious! Panel  | Bob Bergen

Animation | Ask the Pig Live! at VO Atlanta!  | Bob Bergen

Animation | Everything you need to know about a VO agent but were too scared to ask!!! | Pat Brady

Animation | Matching to Monsters  | Bob Joles

Animation | VO Acting for Cartoons | Sara Jane Sherman

Audiobooks | Better Together: Collaborating with Authors for Audiobook Success | Scott Jacobi

Audiobooks | Create a Great Audiobook Demo | Ron Butler

Audiobooks | Jack Of All Trades: From Audiobooks To Everything Else: PatchWorking A Career That’s Uniquely Yours | Nancy Linari

Audiobooks | Launching your Audiobook Career | Michele Cobb

Audiobooks | Maximizing Author-Client Relationships | Scott Brick

Audiobooks | Person of Color: Expectations & Realities for POC in the Voice Industry | Robin Miles

Audiobooks | Romance your Way to Audiobooks and How to Navigate Into Other Genres Panel | Michele Cobb

Business-Marketing | 5 Essential Goals for Your Voice Over Business… and the One Word That Can End It All  | Marc Scott

Business-Marketing | Accelerate Your VO Career and Achieve Success Through Personal Branding  | Celia Siegel

Business-Marketing | Business & Marketing Panel | Marc Scott

Business-Marketing | Creating an Action Plan for your VO Business | Natasha Marchewka

Business-Marketing | Do’s and Don’ts of LinkedIn | Tracy Lindley

Business-Marketing | Having Fun with Marketing | Rachael Naylor

Business-Marketing | Making your Best Demo Panel | J Michael Collins

Business-Marketing | Moving On From Pay to Play. It’s Time to Forge Your Own Way | Gabrielle Nistico

Business-Marketing | Online Casting CEO Interview Series | J Michael Collins

Business-Marketing | The Sales Funnel  | Tom Dheere

Business-Marketing | Twitter Marketing: Nurturing Relationships and Booking Work! | Heather Costa

Business-Marketing | World-Voices Rates Roundtable | Graeme Spicer

Commercial | Breaking Into Political Commercial VO  | J Michael Collins

Commercial | Commercials A-Z Panel  | Mary Lynn Wissner

Commercial | It’s not you, it’s your Demo | Jordan Reynolds

Commercial | The Commercial Demo | Mary Lynn Wissner

Commercial | What An Agent Looks For  | Jason Sasportas

eLearning | Become a Narration Sensation | Kim Handysides

eLearning | eLearning Panel | John Kissinger

eLearning | Gold Standard Corporate Voiceover | Anne Ganguzza

eLearning | The Future of eLearning (Part Deux) | John Kissinger

eLearning | The Future of eLearning – Part Deux (Encore Session) | John Kissinger

eLearning | The Inner & Outer Game of eLearning & Corporate Marketing | Adam Lofbomm

Gaming | Creating Characters: YOU are the most important ingredient! | Andrea Toyias

Gaming | Gaming Panel | Andrea Toyias

Gaming | Lifting Yourself to Success | Jennifer Hale

Gaming | Preparing for Success in Voiceover for Gaming | Zach Hanks

Gaming | Text to Speech (TTS) | Hugh Edwards

Gaming | What Gaming Casting and VO Directors are Looking For | Randy Ryan

Promo | An inside view of the CNN promo department | Denise Patierno

Promo | Business of Promo | Jeff Howell

Promo | Intro to Sports & Live Event Reads | Steve Van Wormer

Promo | The Promo Panel | Jeff Howell

Specialty | Acting For Everything Voiceover Panel | Kay Bess

Specialty | ADR VO & LOOPING  | Lynnanne Zager

Specialty | Agents & Directors Panel  | Kay Bess

Specialty | Atlanta Panel  | Jeffrey Umberger

Specialty | Creating the Best Studio Workflow | Tim Tippets

Specialty | General American English | Monique Bagwell

Specialty | Get Dialed into Radio Imaging | Eric Romanowski

Specialty | Giving a voice to emerging technology | Jason Bermingham

Specialty | How to Transition from Employee Mindset to an Entrepreneur | Zina Solomon

Specialty | Outpost – The Mission of Faith (Or, Being a Person of Faith without Being a Jerk) | Ron Minatrea

Specialty | Podcasting ROCK-Star  | Suzanne Lynn Cheesman

Specialty | Q&A With a Disney Casting Director  | Jennifer Trujilo

Specialty | Recording voiceover at sea and in other exotic environments | Jason Bermingham

Specialty | The Big GFTB Reveal: North American VO vs. Rest of World! | Hugh Edwards

Specialty | The Piano of Your Voice | Joe Loesch

Specialty | Keynote Speaker | Kay Bess

Spanish | Conviertete en la voz con la que la TV y la radio se identifican | Idzi Dutkiewicz

Spanish | El Arte de la Cotización | Sophia Cruz

Spanish | El Mercado Bilingue Panel  | Sophia Cruz

Spanish | Una de las más exitosas Agencias de Representación en México | Connie Troncoso

Spanish | Panel de Doblaje / Dubbing Panel | Raul Aldana

To register, just select the “VOA19 VIRTUAL CONFERENCE PASS ” below and use PROMO CODE: LoveVO to take 60% off your registration. To view additional options about our Virtual Conference for VO Atlanta, CLICK HERE.