Another benefit of attend The VO Atlanta Voiceover Conference

Thanks to the generosity of several of our conference presenters, we will be selecting one, or more, names from the registered conference attendees and allowing them to select one of the options below.  Other than being registered for the conference, there are no other requirements.  It’s that simple.  Be sure to check back as more items may be added in the coming weeks.

Items to select from:


Carol Monda - 1 Hour of Private Coaching

Happy to offer an hour of one on one coaching in any of the following areas: commercial, promo, short form narration, audiobook narration.

This can be redeemed on or after March 20th 2017 via Skype or telephone.

(Valued at $125)

J. Michael Collins - 1 Hour of Performance Coaching

The recipient receives one hour of live performance or business coaching via Skype or Zoom video in a genre of their choosing, (excluding character/video game/animation.)

(Valued at $200)

J. Michael Collins - Success in Online Casting LIVE Course

“As the leading voice in the online marketplace, I am proud to offer my celebrated one-hour live video course on Success in Online Casting to anyone interested in conquering the challenge of the online casting sites. This wildly popular course has helped build careers, and has made dozens of talents into regular bookers online. My Success in Online Casting course students GET WORK, and many of them are regulars at the top of the favorites lists.

If you pay to play, taking this course is the single fastest way to improve your chances of landing jobs.

In just one hour devoted entirely to you, we will discuss:

Who online voice seekers are, and their expectations.
How to build your profile to capture their attention, and to increase search-ability.
Auditioning strategies for success.
Pricing strategies for landing more gigs WITHOUT low-balling!
Customer relations.
The importance of feedback and being added as a favorite voice.
Specific strategies for success on all of the major sites.

Taking this course also includes a free demo or recent audition review, where I will provide feedback on acoustics, editing ability, and your read!”

(Valued at $300)

Jonathan Tilley - League Of List Builders FREE Course Membership


Jonathan Tilley’s online course, League Of List Builders is the fastest way to structure and strategize your networking outreach so you can book the big gigs with the big wigs. This free giveaway is valid for the summer semester starting in July 2017. The winner will have lifetime access to the course so they can go back to the course whenever they like.

(Valued at $900)

Joe Cipriano - 1 Hour of Career Consultation

“Each session is a one-hour, one-on-one experience where Joe focuses on the specifics of YOUR career and to what heights you want to take it.

These private sessions are sure to be one of the best things you can do for yourself and for your career. Everything is discussed in an open and caring atmosphere, starting with where you are now and where you want to go.

We’ll talk about logical steps to building your career, maintaining your career, remaining relevant in the ever changing landscape, developing short and long term individualized career planning to achieve your goals and more.

Through Joe’s connections with a wide variety of colleagues within the business, he can facilitate referrals for you, and help network you with the pros.”


(Valued at $295)

J.J. Jurgens - 1 Hour Private Session

A one-hour private session focused on network promo. You’ll get to work out on a variety of comedy, drama, game show and reality scripts and develop your promo read.

(Valued at $150)

Andrea Toyias, Casting Director

Gaming for The VO Pro

This Video Game Intensive Workshop will provide you with everything you need to be successful as a voice actor in the video game world, for it is a very specific medium with very specific needs.
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VO Intensity 2018

This special workshop weekend is July 20-21, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia for experience voice actors.
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