VO Atlanta Ambassador Opportunities

We are committed to making this conference an incredible experience for all who attend and invite you to join us in making this happen.
What is an Ambassador? An ambassador is a conference attendee who lends a portion of their time to the conference in exchange for significant savings on their conference registration. Aside from the time commitment, our ambassadors are conference attendees and are eligible to participate in all conference activities.

Our conference ambassadors will be assigned to assist in many different areas on a first-come, first-serve basis and based on the needs of the conference. In return for your service and commitment, each volunteer receives a discount on the cost of their full conference registration. Please read the general descriptions below to learn more about the roles we fill with ambassadors.
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Ambassador Roles and Responsibilities

Administrative Support

Assist registration staff with general conference tasks, X-Session, and talent screening registrations. You may serve in the conference information center – answering questions, giving directions and responding to other inquiries as needed.

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Social Media Support

Help us share the conference “happenings” via social media! Take photos – perform on-the-spot interviews with presenters, attendees, and organizers. If you have a passion and expertise in this area, you could play a vital role in helping us see that all aspects of the conference are well covered.

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Pre-Post Conference Support

Ambassadors on this team will assist with the loading and unloading of equipment and items before and/or after the conference. This means this position DOES NOT work during the actual conference and will not interfere with any scheduled conference activities!

Persons for this position MUST be able to lift and move items up to 50 POUNDS. You may also assist others in the lifting of heavier items as needed.

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Hosting Support

Help us host the various sessions and events at VO Atlanta!
You’ll help welcome attendees to each session. In this role, you may be asked to arrive before a session begins, ensure people are in the right session, distribute handouts, answer questions, and then help prepare the room for the next session as you leave.
Or help out as a visible presence in the Exhibit Hall; monitor activity, ensure there are no safety issues, interact with attendees and exhibitors, and answer questions as needed.

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Technology Support

If you’re good with all things technology and audio-video related, this role may be for you. You can work with our staff to assist with the setup, configuration, and operation of our technology assets.

This role could include recording some sessions with instructions from the A/V staff. This may also include placing chairs on/off stage, moving monitors, projectors, computers, etc. At the end of the sessions, you may assist with changing the room over to a new setup.

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We’re excited about our upcoming opportunity for attendees to register for our ambassador program. Our ambassadors are a vital part of the VO Atlanta success. We only accept applications for a limited time, so if you, or someone you know, are interested in joining our Ambassador team, do it now.

Ambassador Benefits

Being an ambassador at VO Atlanta comes with a lot of benefits. Those benefits include:

  • Save hundreds of dollars on your conference registration
  • Registration to Audiobook Academy Included FREE ($395 Value)
  • Maintain a flexible schedule to enjoy conference activities
  • Receive upgraded Virtual Conference Pass ($99 Value)
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VO Atlanta 2022 | March 31st to April 3rd, 2022