Exciting News…

After three years of having a separate Spanish Program, VO Atlanta is happy to announce that we will be incorporating the Spanish Program into the full conference program as part of “VO International.”

A few questions and answers about these changes:

Is the Spanish Program going away?

Yes. The Spanish Program, as a stand-alone program will now be incorporated into the FULL VO Atlanta Program.

Will there continue to be Spanish language classes?

Yes. We will continue to offer classes specific to Spanish. We will also be looking to add additional language sessions, as we have in the past. So, keep your eyes open if you speak another language as we will be including a number of them. (French, Portuguese, and more)

What’s driving the change?

After three years, and listening to the needs of our attendees, it became clear that there was a desire for a more consolidated program which didn’t create two separate programs that sometimes seemed to have opposing schedules and spaces. By making this change, the conference schedule will incorporate all of our activities into a single program so nobody is left out. We are one community.

Will there be X-Sessions offered in other languages?

Yes. Now that the programming is consolidated, we expect to offer workshop opportunities that speak to the needs of our international talent and those that operate in a bi-lingual fashion.

Will there be special pricing for those that only want to attend the “VOInternational” sessions?

No. Our program will operate from a “One Community” perspective and treat the “VO International” sessions as one of our program tracks. Attendees can choose to attend any session in the schedule without regard to which program it’s listed under.

Thank you for being a part of the VO Atlanta Experience. We hope to continue meeting and serving your needs for growth and community through this annual conference dedicated to YOU.

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