We’re always working to make your conference experience better and offer unique benefits you won’t find anywhere else.

Starting in 2018, The VO Atlanta Voiceover Conference will be offering an “Inability to Attend” option for those registering for the conference. This option, priced at just 40 dollars, provides a 100% refund option (minus the 40 dollar policy fee) should you be unable to attend the conference for a wide variety of reasons. (See Details). The plan becomes effective when you register and is valid up to the day the conference starts.

We know you can’t predict all the things that may happen from the time you register till the time the conference starts, so we’re excited to be the only conference that offers you the confidence of knowing you’re protected should you be unable to attend for one of the covered reasons.

Those pre-registered for VO Atlanta 2018 may add this option through Sunday, September 10th by updating their registration.

Just another benefit of registering to attend The VO Atlanta Voiceover Conference.


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