After being asked which programs might help people that are getting started, we worked with Elaine Clark of VoiceOne to develop a special set of sessions designed specifically to help anyone getting started in VO learn and understand the basics of working in the industry.  Elaine has more than 30 years of experience in the business and is the author of the leading VO book There’s Money Where Your Mouth Is.

There are three sessions involved.  Each session is One-Hour.

3 Steps to Discovering, Understanding, and Launching your VO career.

1.  Step In – The Fundamentals of Voiceover
Is my voice okay?  Who gets the work?  Is it easy to break in?  Do I have to “act”?  What kind of time commitment will it take?  How much income should I expect to make?  What types of work are out there?
If you have these and other questions about the VO industry, join Elaine Clark as she guides you through the realities of the business and how you can fit into it.
2.  Step Up – Performing for the Mic
So you have a good voice… but what do you do with it?  You have to sound real and believable when reading someone else’s words.  We’ll warm up your voice and body to activate your sound, explore the different styles of commercial, narration, and character work, and learn what it takes to perform for the microphone.
3.  Step Out – Building Your VO Business
Wondering what it takes to become a professional voice artist?  Let’s get real about demos, talent agents, Pay-to-Play sites, home studio equipment & software for auditioning and recording jobs, building a client list, billing & pricing, performance, time lines, and treating your VO career as a business.
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Cliff Zellman, Automotive VO Master

Discovering VO for Automotive (Virtual)

This session is delivered LIVE and available on-demand for those interested in learing about automotive voiceover. Cliff walks you through it all and lets you know how to get started and grow.
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Cliff Zellman

Check Out Our Professional Voiceover Workshop

VO Intensity 2018

This special workshop weekend is July 20-21, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia for experience voice actors.
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