Sponsorship Summary

VO Atlanta is the largest voiceover event in existence and includes talent, agents, directors and resource providers from around the world.  This annual event offers extensive opportunities to engage the voiceover community by highlighting your products and services.  By directly demonstrating the value of your products and/or services, you have the opportunity to extend your relationship with this community of professionals.

We put a great emphasis on building relationships and building value versus pushy sales.  This is why we look for opportunities to have our sponsors, and exhibitors, work to show attendees how they benefit.  Each sponsorship is evaluated based on the value it offers our attendees.

Current and Past Sponsors Include

Attendee Demographics

Career Status

  • Getting Started 29% 29%
  • Part-Time 27% 27%
  • Full-Time 43% 43%

2017 Retention Rate

  • Returning Attendee 35% 35%
  • First Time Attendee 65% 65%

Gender Breakdown

  • Women 52% 52%
  • Men 48% 48%

Attendee Age

  • 18-24 5% 5%
  • 25-34 16% 16%
  • 35-44 26% 26%
  • 45-54 33% 33%
  • 55+ 21% 21%

Exhibit Hall Dates:

March 29th – 30th, 2019


Hilton Atlanta Airport
1031 Virginia Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30354


VO Atlanta is proud to have as sponsors for the annual conference organizations that reflect the best of the industry, and beyond.  Our sponsors are critical to the success of the conference and offer value in many ways.  We work hard to connect our sponsors with attendees at the conference to deliver quality services and products.  More importantly, we hope to help build strong relationships between our attendees and the service and product providers that sponsor the conference.

Sponsored Success

The internet is great for a lot of things, but we believe that understanding what an organization is all about is best done in person.  That’s why we bring together industry leaders and provide you a chance to meet them in person and learn what makes their organization special.  Go ahead, check them out and be sure to tell them Thank You for being a part of the VO Atlanta Experience.