You're a Sales Person First.

April 20 2021

Speaker: Jim McCarthy

The creative professions are in trouble. Actually, they have been in trouble for quite some time. We’re becoming commoditized. The most common responses to the “race to the bottom rate” VO people who use Fiverr, Upwork, and other platforms have been along the lines of:

-Know your worth
-Just go by the GVAA Rate Guide
-A myriad of flippant responses to prospective clients and talent who dare conduct business with a bargain-basement approach.

I believe the problem has little to do with an echo chamber of self-righteous drivel spewed from VO groups. The problem has everything to do with being able to present oneself in a strategic manner. After all, we’re not the first industry to find itself becoming less special.

This is a presentation that addresses the realities of how technology has lowered the barrier to entry to new VO talent who are excited to use their voice for a $20 read. It’s about fundamental sales principles that creatives can use not only in their business but in life in general. I will go over:
– #BeThemCentric value-driven prospecting techniques
-The Meet and Greet/First Contact
-Getting Past Rate Seekers to a Face-to-Face or Phone Call
-Value Proposition
-Trial Closing and Presenting Numbers
-Closing and Fulfillment


  • A fundamental understanding of the sales process for their business.
  • Even the lowest of lowball paying prospect has value.
  • It’s one thing to “know your worth”. It’s another to be able to convey it to your prospective clients.


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