Working Parents Panel (No Recording)

April 20 2021
Track: Specialty

Pausing a take because YouTube Kids is audible in the background. Asking your agent for a slightly different audition time so you can make school pickup. Trying not to panic if your sitter arrives late. Pulling a late-night shift in the booth to get away from the noise of the day. If you’ve done any of these things, you might be a working parent! Join Kristin Price, Carin Gilfry as they discuss the ins and outs of being full-time voice actors… with kids. This session will cover logistics, tips on staying organized and being maximally efficient in the time you have, troubleshooting scheduling issues, utilizing available resources, general commiseration, and more.


  • Many of us need to balance parenting and our careers, and we’re absolutely making it happen!
  • There is a number of variations of this balancing act – from parents who have full-time childcare to those piecing it together when work comes in. All are doable.
  • How are you handling it? How are others? Gain new ideas and share strategies.