Virtual Reality experiences - a new avenue for voice actors to explore

April 21 2021
Track: Acting

Speaker: Marinda Botha

For the past two years, I have been involved in a live, immersive Virtual Reality experience called “Alien Rescue” whereby actors from across the globe log onto a VR platform at the same time and perform together, in real-time embodying avatars and working with a partly improvised script. (More info here or on my Twitter handle). This new hybrid form of VR-Theatre Cinematic experience has the potential to open up new avenues of performance for voice actors across the globe. As this medium of storytelling depends on access to technology and a strong internet connection, it allows for professionals from across the globe to work with their international peers in real-time. I would like to discuss my experience and takeaways from working in this medium and share my thoughts, tips, techniques, and predictions for the future. I am proposing to do a 30 min presentation and to then open up the “floor” for a 15 min QnA.


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