The Journey To Resilience - Kay Bess

Speaker: Kay Bess

Mine is not a story of surviving a monumental life-altering event, but rather of overcoming the more pedestrian struggles of life that come upon us all – parenthood, divorce, life-sucking, dead-end 9-5 jobs, aging, the death of parents, and the challenges often inherent to a career in VoiceOver: a shift in trends, losing work, being replaced, getting dropped by an agent, and losing your sense of where you fit in this ever-burgeoning business. Throw in a worldwide pandemic and we’ve all got a lot in common, don’t we? These are the kinds of events that can chip away at our sense of self and leave us feeling lost in the wilderness. But there is one major secret to resilience and finding our way out of the darkness and back to the light, and it’s something each of us is capable of doing and doing well. I so look forward to sharing this not-so-secret secret to resilience with you. ❤️


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