The Journey To Resilience - Joe Cipriano

April 20 2021

Speaker: Joe Cipriano

We all ride a rollercoaster of emotions and experiences in life, with surprises around every turn. That climb to the first summit of the coaster is usually a slow build of anticipation, then once you’ve crested that first peak, there is almost always a steep drop. Some of those drops are short, some are hiding around a curve, and nearly all of them feel devastating. But it’s how you bounce back from the fall that tells the real story of your life. Yes, in my career I have been rewarded with success, but I have had my share of steep drops, as well. I had one of my most painful rejections at a time when everyone thought I was on top of the world. I had to dig deep to find enough resilience to recover from that setback. It wasn’t easy but I’ve always believed that failures are just as important as successes because they allow you to truly appreciate those joyful highs. I’d like to talk to you about my journey and how I’ve had to dig deep into my core beliefs to find the resilience to go on, many times in my life.


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