The Conscious Voice - mindfulness practices for the Voice Over artist

April 24 2021

Speaker: Kassy Coleman

The voice is a complex and powerful instrument that happens to be attached to an equally complex mind and body with a human being wrapped up inside. No matter what life throws at you, its important to be able to put your best voice forward. In this session you will be given the tools to prepare yourself for any job, any character, any audition using mindfulness, breath and movement practices.


  • Our voice is attached to a very complex human being.  I will teach the group breath practices that can be used in different ways depending on how you feel and what you need.
  • Then you will be given some mindfulness tools.  Think meditation made easy.
  • Your voice is supported by the whole body. I will give some tools to connect your voice to your body for a feeling of total support and control.


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