So what is RMS? (Audiobook Academy)

April 23 2021

The One Specification that Mystifies most Audiobook Narrator/Producers – especially on ACX and other Independent Audiobook sites – is how to meet the RMS dB requirement. Attendees will gain a better understanding of what the RMS (Root Mean Squared) specification is and how to achieve it consistently to prevent their audio files from being rejected. I will demonstrate how to use tools like the ACX_Check plugin in Audacity and Steven Jay Cohen’s 2nd Opinion software (both free downloads) to flag problems to be corrected before uploading your files to ACX or other Audiobook venues.

Takeaway 1 – Understand the difference between Peak dB and RMS dB, and how to get that balance between your Compressor and Limiter to meet that spec.
Takeaway 2 – Demystify what some processing FX are, what they do, why the order in which they occur is important, and how to strike a balance to meet specifications.
Takeaway 3 – To meet ACX Spec with good-sounding audio that won’t get kicked back


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