Networking, the most powerful tool you can use

April 24 2021

This talk is all about making networking fun. Networking can be a word that a lot of people hate and fear. People feel a huge amount of pressure to be interesting, entertaining, and funny. In this session, we will get down to the real purpose of networking and how attendees can make it enjoyable. Networking is the most powerful way to get more work. It is hands down the best way to get more work, more agents, and to improve your support network. I will share the big and most important thing you should ALWAYS do when networking and how this one thing will change the way you network forever. This will be a fun and interactive talk that will be empowering and informative.


  • They will see the fun side of networking
  • They will see the value they can bring to a networking event or situation
  • They will feel empowered to enjoy networking and go and help others


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