How To Organize Your Computer For Voiceover and For LIFE!

April 23 2021

Speaker: Larry Hudson

Given the number of working files, a VO needs to manage in the day-to-day work on the job it is imperative that they know how to find things quickly and easily. With the system that will be taught this becomes simple and rememberable. it is key to have a sub-folder for the different aspects of VO and this will be presented and include creating the following sub-folders and their use. Jobs, Computer-Technical, Demo, Education, Forms, Invoices, Legal, Marketing, Music-Sounds, etc. Each of these folders will have sub-folders as well to clearly define each area so that things are found easily.


  • In this 1-hour presentation, participants will unwind the mystery of how to organize their computer in a way that allows for more productivity in a shorter period of time with greater satisfaction.
  • It is a simple system of creating Major Category folders in their Documents folder with sub-folders within those major categories such that where things are located is intuitive.
  • The focus will be on the set up of the Voiceover folder and appropriate sub-folders.

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