How and Where to Research and Advance an Audiobook Career (Audiobook Academy)

April 22 2021

Speaker: John Florian

Attempting to start or advance your audiobook narration career with enthusiasm and talent alone will waste your time and money. You also need to know, well… we’ll tell you what you need to know! This session shares how and where to research the next steps to achieving your goals, along with lists of resources and contacts to pursue immediately. Just as important: you’ll learn how not to be shy in your quest, and when to step out of the “permanent student mode” and confidently move forward. This game plan is based on the presenter’s decades of experience in creating and producing successful business and consumer magazines in a variety of industries, plus the VO industry’s VoiceOverXtra – from scratch.

Takeaway 1 – Save time and money in starting a career in audiobook narration
Takeaway 2 – Learn what to focus on when launching your audiobook narration career
Takeaway 3 – Receive lists of who and what to contact for info and help in an audiobook narration career


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