GET YOUR GAME ON: Characters That Book

April 21 2021
Track: Gaming

Speaker: Elaine Clark

What makes a video game character different from a character in a cartoon, anime, audiobook, or toy? Video games are immersive, real, and emotionally charged. They range from FPS [first person shooter] to educational kids games… and everything in between. In this Break Out session, we’ll explore the various genres of video games and the acting jobs that are available. Having cast, directed, acted in, or recorded nearly a hundred games, Elaine Clark will share with you the various styles, what goes on behind the scenes before you get the script, ways you can create a character and use your voice to make money.


  • Explore the various styles of video games.
  • How genre and style impacts the performance choices.
  • What happens behind the scenes so you can deliver the best performance at the audition or job.


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