From Voiceover to Audiobooks - Should You Take the Leap?

Speaker: Tom Jordan

Audiobook sales have enjoyed double-digit growth for the past several years and many people – experienced with voiceover and others who are simply curious about the field, have wondered if becoming an audiobook narrator is the right choice for them. I’ll help people with this decision by telling of my own journey from VO to audiobook narration. I’ll explain, in no-nonsense terms, the realities of the audiobook narration industry. For me and many others, audiobook narration is a wonderful vocation, but it’s not for everyone. My session will help people decide whether to pursue this path.


  • Is audiobook narration right for me?
  • Can I make enough money with audiobook narration to migrate from VO or should I keep one foot in both worlds?
  • Where do I find audiobooks to narrate? What are the basics that I’ll need to know to get started?
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VO Atlanta 2022 | March 31st to April 3rd, 2022