Face Yoga for Voice Actors

April 23 2021
Track: Specialty

Speaker: Laurel Thomas

What separates voice actors from the larger acting world is that we don’t have our bodies available to convey emotion — it all has to come out of our heads. You might exercise your body, maybe even do some yoga or stretching. You can tone your face the same way you tone your body! The Face Yoga Method is a program that teaches you a series of facial exercises to tone the muscles beneath the facial skin and increase facial circulation and blood flow. With over 40 muscles in the face alone, Face Yoga benefits voice actors and speakers by getting your face and neck relaxed, warmed up and ready to ACT! As a certified Face Yoga Method teacher, Laurel will give you targeted poses and exercises to practice. And you just might slow the aging of your face while you do!


  • Learn a great face and neck warm-up for your day
  • Learn various poses and stretches that prepare you to act
  • Discover how Face Yoga can slow the aging of your face


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