Discomfort is the Price of Growth - Lean in to it!

April 22 2021

Speaker: Sonia Meneses

Whether you’re a VO newbie or a seasoned pro, there is one thing that will stop you in your tracks and stall your growth as an artist: being afraid to be uncomfortable.
What will people think?
I’m probably going to do a horrible job.
I bet this never happens to Kari Wahlgren…
All of these thoughts seem simple and innocuous but they keep you from growing and expanding your VO skills, your business, and the trajectory of your career.
In my presentation: Discomfort is the Price of Growth-Lean into it! I will reveal the truth about why you’re not taking action, what productive action looks like, and teach you how to take action when it feels impossible to do.


  • The truth about why you’re not taking action towards your goals.
  • How to balance consuming and creating.
  • A 3 step process to taking action.


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