Developing Vocal Resilience

April 23 2021

Speaker: Julia Norton

Voice actors are vocal athletes. We use our voices in extraordinary ways every day, so knowing how to properly take care of our instrument is as essential as a good mic!

In this session you will learn the quick tools you can use on a daily basis to warm up and when and why to cool down your voice. These will include stretching, breathing, vocal warm-ups, self-massage, and straw phonation. We will also dig into some truths and myths around food and drink to be avoided, common injuries, and how to choose a character voice wisely.


  • Learning quick vocal warm-ups you can do every day and when and why cool-downs are equally important
  • Uncover some truths and myths around food and drink & drugs.
  • How to make wise vocal choices for intensive work like interactive characters or audiobook narrations.


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