Demo Review Session with J. Michael Collins and Sound & Fury Casting CEO Jill Kershaw

April 21 2021

In this action-packed hour, JMC and Jill Kershaw, CEO of the voiceover industry’s most prolific and high-volume casting agency, Sound & Fury Los Angeles, will listen to and review eight demos selected from an open submission process across various genres. Jill Kershaw & Sound and Fury are responsible for more national-level casting than any other single entity in the business, working with the biggest brands in the world on a daily basis. J. Michael Collins and his JMC Demos brand are the industry leader in producing demos that get talent signed with major agencies, booked for big jobs through their own websites and marketing efforts, and recognized by top industry players at awards shows like the Voice Arts Awards and the One Voice Awards. Together, JMC and Jill are always on top of the latest industry trends, and this session will help you understand how to make sure your demos are too! Takeaways

  • Learn what gets the attention of top casting directors, agents, and buyers when it comes to your demos!
  • Discover the latest trends in demo production and how today’s market has changed dramatically even from a year ago.
  • Learn what you need to do to get noticed by and work with people at the highest level of the industry.


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