Crossover Voiceover: Adapting the Stage/Screen Actor’s Process for VO

April 20 2021
Track: Acting

The pandemic saw most stage and screen actors lose all of their work and opportunities. Also sadly lumped into that club were hosts, standup comedians, live-venue singers and musicians, magicians, dancers, and more. With nearly all avenues of performing suddenly closed, many decided to turn to voiceover which had largely been unaffected by the pandemic. The problem became figuring out how to translate a stage or screen actor’s skills and process to standing behind the mic. I posit that storytelling is storytelling no matter the medium in which it takes place and I offer a practical means of translating an artist’s storytelling method for the world of voiceover.


  • Based on the stage/screen actor’s process, a method of telling the richest, clearest, most specific, and unique story will be presented to participants.
  • Parallels between stage/screen acting and voice acting will be illustrated and discussed.
  • A “cheat sheet” for dynamic storytelling in front of the mic will be explained.


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