Conquering Imposter Syndrome

April 22 2021
Track: Specialty

Speaker: Kristin Price

If you’ve ever looked around a room (or, ahem, Twitter) and thought, “These other actors are awesome – I hope they don’t find out I’m faking it” or “There’s no way I’m good enough to be with this group” or “I’m secretly letting people down…” Congratulations! You have Imposter Syndrome. And it’s much more common than you think. Let’s talk about the five different ways Imposter Syndrome manifests in our careers and what it does to us, then learn specific tactics to conquer each type. The goal? Let’s help that inner voice chill out so you can get back to being confident in your skills.


  • You know that annoying voice in your head saying you’re not as good as everyone thinks you are? Lots of people experience it.
  • There are at least five varieties of Imposter Syndrome. We’ll identify and name all of them so you know what you’re dealing with.
  • Imposter Syndrome can be solved. This session will give you specific steps to conquer that inner voice and reclaim your confidence.


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