Choose Your Own Adventure (Audiobook Academy)

April 22 2021

Speaker: Andi Arndt

Aspiring audiobook narrators can be overwhelmed by the number of opportunities in the audiobook industry. By understanding the business models within the larger enterprise, and their unique characteristics, narrators can better choose where to focus their energy when it comes to research, inquiries, auditions, and ongoing working relationships. Learn to be proactive about your career and clear-eyed about your voice type, your strengths, your challenges, and the clients likely to be the best fit for what you bring to the marketplace.

Takeaway 1 – Attendees will understand the different business models and production workflows within the audiobook industry, from Indies to Big 5 publishers.
Takeaway 2 – Attendees will learn the pros and cons of building a career based on carefully chosen royalty share, buyout contracts, and a combination of the two approaches.
Takeaway 3 – With a more nuanced and savvy approach to the audiobook world, attendees can build an interconnected ecosystem of the audience, colleagues, and clients that is manageable and scalable.


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