Becoming An Anime Character

April 20 2021
Track: Animation

Speaker: Elaine Clark

What is Anime? What makes it different from Animation, Video Games, and Toys? How realistic is it? In this fun, creative, and informative Breakout Session, we’ll explore the Anime genre and how you can fit into it. As the director of the original American English version of Jo Jo’s Bizarre Adventure and Saikano, 85 video games, 200 toys, and a couple of cartoon films and series, Elaine Clark will show you some of the performance differences and challenges you can expect when playing an anime character.


  • Performance expectations when performing a character in an anime feature or series.
  • How Anime is a unique form of character acting.
  • Tips for acting to time and lip-sync when dubbing and localizing the lines from one language to another.


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