Be Bold: Increase Your Status In Commercial VO

April 23 2021
Track: Commercial

Speaker: Sally Clawson

Confidence is as intangible as love or beauty but is crucial for a successful career in commercial voice-over. A confident, self-assured tone tells the listener that you know what you’re talking about and lends credibility to a product. The question is, how do you express it consistently in your reads when the world outside the booth doesn’t help you feel it? Increase your “read swagger” through a simple status-building practice that will gain your freedom from timidity and self-doubt, while bringing the solid sound of certainty to your reads.


  • Discover the physiology of self-assuredness and how to conjure it in the booth
  • Listen to several audio samples to discern the sound of knowing vs convincing
  • Participate in several short exercises to discover how to sound confident, even when you aren’t feeling it.


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