An Actor, a Tech, and an Engineer Walk Into A Studio: Three Perspectives on Home/Travel Recording

April 22 2021

Veteran voice actor and coach, Rick Wasserman, VO Tech to the stars, George Whittam, and highly sought-after engineer and popular studio owner, Tim Friedlander, will share their unique viewpoints of recording from home or while traveling; what it used to be, what it has become, what we can expect it to become and how best to prepare for it. The actor, tech, and engineer depend on each other; during this frank conversation, participants can expect to see through the eyes of each of these roles and perhaps gain appreciation and insight into what they do and how those roles have and will continue to evolve.


  • During a conversation about how the industry has changed during the pandemic (primarily in home/travel VO recording), participants will gain insight from three different perspectives: an actor, a technician, and an engineer.
  • We will discuss expectations of the future of home/travel VO recording so participants can come away with an understanding of how they can prepare for what comes next.
  • We will offer some “pro tips” and do’s/don’ts from each of the three perspectives.


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