Acting for Non-Actors: Guideposts to create more truthful, connected and conversational reads.

April 23 2021
Track: Acting

Speaker: Beth Chaplin

Actors have an advantage in voice-over – they already know how to breathe life and reality into words on a page. The study of acting takes time, determination, and commitment. Yet even without actor training, you can apply basic acting techniques to your voice-over work. Michael Shurtleff’s classic acting book, Audition!, presents twelve guideposts that have been called, “good acting, fast.” In this interactive breakout session, you’ll learn how to easily apply several of the acting guideposts to breathe life, personality, and truth into your own VO work!


  • Discover what actors do when approaching VO text.
  • Learn acting techniques to bring the words off the page.
  • Apply a framework of simple acting steps to elevate your performance from simply reading to actually communicating.


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