A Solid Foundation for Character Voice Acting (Getting Off the Page and Into the Character's Skin)

April 21 2021
Track: Animation

I will work with several participants to demonstrate the magic of improvising to get off the page and into the character’s skin. This includes getting comfortable with your voice and then calibrating into the character’s voice. Once off the page and out of the way, you can take the next few steps to focus and elevate your characterization and your read, filtering emotions through the core of the character. This session will break down the mystery of a stand-out read that reflects both your unique sound and the heart and soul of the character!


  • You’ll see how we can make peace with our unique version of the character
  • You’ll be introduced to my personal Improvologue* technique You’ll discover a road map that takes you from chasing emotions to emoting in character
  • You’ll observe and experience how these very simple steps bring a character off the page and breath life into it


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