A free voice is a flexible, expressive and transformative voice!

April 22 2021

In this break-out session open to all levels of experience, we will not only address spinal alignment and breath dropping in deeply and quickly, we will also explore ways to increase breath capacity and range, which is great for singing, gaming work, animation voice work, and audiobook narrators. A free voice renders the actor’s voice more flexible, responsive, and transformative by encouraging relaxation on the inner layer of musculature even while active, rather than vocal transformation which is muscled, leading to diminished access to actor instinct.


  • Begin to explore what vocal freedom can do for your voice-acting skills.
  • Learn a couple of ways to increase breath capacity….good for screams, long phrases, big emotions.
  • Enjoy sitting inside your body, your voice, your unique talent at this moment. Start with freeing your voice, and from there you will be able to more easily transform in response to text, character, situation.


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