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Speaker: Karen-Eileen Gordon

Karen-Eileen Gordon

Karen-Eileen Gordon is a Harvard grad who knows a thing or two about stress. After college, she leapt into several high-octane careers, learning the hard way how to take care of herself. Burned-out after working as a Currency Exchange Officer in Paris’ 2nd largest bank and a Radio Producer for the Armed Forces Radio Network, she quit the corporate world to follow her two big passions…becoming a voiceover-film-television actress, and Reiki Master-Meditation Leader-Yogi-Keynote Speaker! Focusing on life balance issues and high-level self-care, Karen-Eileen has 20 years as a Wellness Coach under her belt and has gone from bloodied-to-balanced—and now happily teaches immediately useable toolkits to Creative Humans, allowing them to thrive at all points in their journeys (especially during the creative process!).

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