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Speaker: James Romick

James Romick

James Romick – – I consider Voiceover the 4th or 5th Phase of my 40+ year acting career. But never in my wildest imagination did I ever think that I’d be recording and producing Audiobooks (over 90 and counting) at home in my den from a vocal booth I designed and built myself. While investigating the world of Audiobook Narration, a seasoned narrator once told me, “Actors are natural storytellers. Whether on stage, on film, on TV, in commercials, giving instructions, or just telling a good joke. Actors can also create unique, interesting and compelling characters.” “Hmmmm,” I thought. “Been there. Done that.” Audiobook Narration and Production just seems like another aspect for this actor’s creative outlet. Being a singer/musician and taking a course in audio engineering didn’t hurt either. I also do private instruction Zoom sessions on my DAW of choice. REAPER.

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