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Speaker: Jonathan Hurley

Jonathan Hurley

Jonathan Hurley graduate from Berklee College of Music in 2004. After years of being involved in recording various records, film scores, and other audio projects, he became a teacher in the Massachusetts public school system.  In 2014 he began working at the recording studio at Perkins School for the Blind as an audio editor. As time went on, he developed a program to eliminate a ten-year-long project backlog and oversaw a complete studio renovation. He is currently the Digital Production Specialist and oversees all training and audio-related matters for the studio. In this role, he trains narrators on how to use the Hindenburg recording program to create as much of the completed version of the audio file as they can while they are in the process of narrating. This includes how to do pickups, deliver without creating extraneous noise or egregious breaths, putting in Navigation points, markers and creating an audio experience that people want to listen to. He also trains the review/editors to format and edit the books for final production. This includes, how to properly space section headings, further refine the audio by pasting/ inserting room tone and marking corrections to be pre-recorded, and exporting the files to meet standards for audiobook hosting platforms such as Audible. 

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