X-Sessions (Workshops)

X-Sessions (Workshops)

X-Sessions (Workshops)

X-Sessions (Workshops)

Our optional workshops are one of the most popular benefits of attending VO Atlanta.  Started in 2013 as a way for people who didn’t have time to attend the conference a way to train with industry leaders, X-Sessions we created to provide workshop training opportunity that didn’t require attending the entire conference. X-Sessions have are paid sessions

Since that time, X-Sessions have become one of the most popular benefits for those who are attending the conference.  The benefits of attending an X-Session include:

  • Opportunity to training with expert presenters
  • Small group sessions with no more than 12 people
  • Each X-Session last for 3-hours and provides for an up-close and personal experience
  • Ability to train on one, or more, topics while attending the conference

If you’re attending the conference, you will have priority access to register for an X-Session(s).  This gives you a chance to lock in your space before registration is available to the general public.  Many of our sessions fill during this time, so it helps to register for the full conference.  We may reserve space for non-conference attendees based on need and demand.

When sessions fill, a wait-list may be available.  If so, you may place yourself to be notified if an opening becomes available.  Not all sessions qualify for this option, so it may not be present.

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Put Something EXTRA in Your Experience

Adding an X-Session to your conference experience is an excellent way to focus your training on very specific topics and take advantage of the opportunity to continue your learning and networking once the has ended.  Get from behind the keyboard and start discovering what it’s like to connect, grow, and experience something X-Tra during Your VO Atlanta Experience.

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