VO Atlanta Training Program

VO Atlanta offers the most expansive set of voiceover training and voiceover workshops. Spanning four days, the voiceover conference has come to be the go-to event for professional and aspiring voiceover professionals. Featuring voiceover agents, voiceover casting directors, and more, VO Atlanta is the place to come and learn.


Whether we’re talking about animation, commercial, promo/affiliate, audiobooks, or medical narration, Voiceover has its roots in the art and craft of Acting. Actors are, for all intents and purposes, storytellers. As voice actors, we have the opportunity and good fortune to express the fundamental truths of life in concert with other creative artists: writers, animators, cinematographers, directors, and musicians. Together, we are about the business of uniting people through our common human experience. To express ourselves truthfully and authentically behind a microphone, (without sounding like a “talking head”) we voice actors must incorporate skills in the art of Acting, no matter the genre we work in. There are several approaches or methods available for actors to explore. But no matter the method, all great approaches teach us vulnerability, honesty, and in-the-moment presence. It’s been said a million times over that having a “great sounding voice” is NOT what makes a great voice actor. It is, rather, the voice actor’s capacity to engage honestly and authentically in relation to others. This is what acting training is all about.


The animation track is one of the most anticipated tracks offered during the VO Atlanta Voiceover Conference as you’re exposed to the latest information needed to improve your chances of success in this area of voiceover. You’ll learn from industry leaders about what it takes to get started, build a successful career, and stay on top of your game. Included during the conference will be an expert panel discussion lead by those in the know to share with you how they approach the area of animation and what you need to know. During this panel, you’ll have a chance to ask questions and get direct answers from those on the front line. Don’t miss it.


Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or you’re just finding your way, our audiobook presenters are here for you. VO Atlanta offers a number of breakout sessions to help you explore and discover what it takes to reach the top of your audiobook potential. During the Audiobook panel discussions, our presenters will offer their expert perspectives on what it takes for you to achieve success.  In addition to the expert panel discussion, VO Atlanta also offers several workshops covering a variety of topics designed for you, the audiobook narrator. If you’re looking for more and want to take a DEEP-DIVE into audiobooks, check out our Audiobook Academy where you’ll find more than 50 hours of direct training and content to take you to the next level.

Business & Marketing

Business and Marketing is at the core of every successful voiceover career.  Without a solid understanding of how to market and manage your business, you will struggle and ultimately have less than the success you want.  With a variety of sessions, workshops, and engaging activities you will have the opportunity to discover what it takes to build, AND SUSTAIN a profitable voiceover business. While our presenters aren’t miracle workers, they will provide you with tips and tools needed to grow your client base and solidify the relationship you have with your existing clients. So, don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn and grow your business.


Nothing propels you towards success like your ability to perform professional reads for your clients.  In addition to a great performance, you need to be ready and able to improvise at a moment’s notice to meet the changing needs and interests of your clients. Whether it’s an audition or a live studio directed session, you want to shine.  The experts at VO Atlanta aim to equip you with the skills and insight needed to book more jobs and connect with your copy breakthrough that makes a difference.

eLearning & Narration

Each year, we’re asked to bring more resources to VO Atlanta for those interested in Narration and eLearning, so we’re happy to deliver on our promise to do so.  The experience and knowledge available through our presenters on narration and eLearning is amazing and we can’t wait to have you move ahead and discover what it takes to step forward and breakthrough to your next level. 


If you’ve been wanting to take your career to the next level in the world of gaming or animation, this track is for you.  With years of experience and a wealth of knowledge, that’s unsurpassed in any voiceover conference.  VO Atlanta is about providing you with the tools you need for success.

Production & Technology

One thing almost every person in the voiceover industry has to deal with is the need to get up to speed on technology and production. The ability to successfully record, edit, and deliver high-quality products to your clients is at the core of being a professional voice actor, so it matters that you learn from industry leaders how to plan, secure, and implement the tools needed to operate at a high level.

Promo & Imaging

Each year, we work to bring more resources to VO Atlanta for those interested in Promo and Imaging. The experience and knowledge available through our presenters on narration and eLearning is amazing and we can’t wait to have you move ahead and discover what it takes to step forward and break through to your next level.

Youth Program

VO Atlanta offers an incredible opportunity for the next generation of Voice Actors to “Refresh” on Saturday, March 28th, 2020 at the Kids & Teens Workshop.

Whether you are a Kid/Teen new to Voiceover, or already have experience in the Voiceover field, this is an incredible opportunity to receive top-tier training to further your Voiceover goals.

VO Atlanta is proud to offer the only conference based full-day youth program.  Kids are important to our future and we’re excited about the chance to connect young minds with industry leaders.  What kid isn’t excited about the chance to meet one of their favorite voices while learning about a career field they may have never thought of.

We’re happy to bring in presenters specifically experienced in working with youth.  They get their energy directed in positive ways and design a fun day that brings out the best in our youth.

X-Sessions (Workshops)

Our optional workshops are one of the most popular benefits of attending VO Atlanta.  Started in 2013 as a way for people who didn’t have time to attend the conference a way to train with industry leaders, X-Sessions we created to provide workshop training opportunity that didn’t require attending the entire conference. X-Sessions have are paid sessions

Since that time, X-Sessions have become one of the most popular benefits for those who are attending the conference.  The benefits of attending an X-Session include:

  • Opportunity to training with expert presenters
  • Small group sessions with no more than 12 people
  • Each X-Session last for 3-hours and provides for an up-close and personal experience
  • Ability to train on one, or more, topics while attending the conference

If you’re attending the conference, you will have priority access to register for an X-Session(s).  This gives you a chance to lock in your space before registration is available to the general public.  Many of our sessions fill during this time, so it helps to register for the full conference.  We may reserve space for non-conference attendees based on need and demand.

When sessions fill, a wait-list may be available.  If so, you may place yourself to be notified if an opening becomes available.  Not all sessions qualify for this option, so it may not be present.

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