Specialty Training

Specialty Training

Specialty Training

Specialty Resources


Trying to fit everything into just a few tracks is impossible.  That’s why we’ve created our specialty track to give place to those special sessions you need to be aware of.  It also allows us to highlight some of the benefits of attending VO Atlanta and connecting with the community overall.

In 2017 we’re bringing you industry leading resources in the areas of Legal, Union, and Online Casting.  You wont find these resources offered at this level anywhere else in the voiceover industry, so take advantage of it only at VO Atlanta 2017.

But WAIT, There’s More!

There are always special things happening at VO Atlanta which have value for attendees regardless what area of voiceover they work in.  These are our ‘Specialty” programs.  They aim to address specific area of the interest and provide you an excellent opportunity to dive into areas that may otherwise be left out.  You’ll find these only at VO Atlanta.

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