Commercial Voiceover

Nothing propels you towards success like your ability to perform professional reads for your clients.  In addition to a great performance, you need to be ready and able to improvise at a moment’s notice to meet the changing needs and interests of your clients.

Whether it’s an audition or a live studio directed session, you want to shine.  The experts at VO Atlanta aim to equip you with the skills and insight needed to book more jobs and connect with your copy breakthrough that makes a difference.

So, you want a conversational read?

Breaking down a script involves knowing how to bring the script to life and reflect what the writer had in mind.  Being able to IMPROV in a natural and deliberate way is critical to your success.  Start booking more work, getting more call-backs, and establishing yourself as a go-to talent.  Our Performance and Improv resources are here to help you BREAK THROUGH.

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