Business and Marketing

Business and Marketing is at the core of every successful voiceover career.  Without a solid understanding of how to market and manage your business, you will struggle and ultimately have less than the success you want.  With a variety of sessions, workshops, and engaging activities you will have the opportunity to discover what it takes to build, AND SUSTAIN a profitable voiceover business.

While our presenters aren’t miracle workers, they will provide you with tips and tools needed to grow your client base and solidify the relationship you have with your existing clients.  So, don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn and grow your business.

Business and Marketing Resources

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It’s Called “Show Business” for a Reason

Having the best performance in the world will only get you so far.  At some point, you’ll need to know how to manage and market yourself as a ‘BUSINESS’.  It’s not the most glamorous part of the industry, but it’s vital to your success.  VO Atlanta has brought together experts in the area of business and marketing to help you succeed.

Sara Sherman, Casting Director

Creating a Stand-Out Animation Audition

Casting Directors receive hundreds of auditions for one role. Everyone is reading the same copy and the majority are talented performers….how will your audition stand out? 
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VO Intensity 2018

This special workshop weekend is July 20-21, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia for experience voice actors.
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