The VO Atlanta 2019 Summer Intensive is back again to connect Voiceover talent with industry experts. This program will give the attendees a chance to work on their craft, learn a few new tricks and get tips on how to get more opportunities in the Voiceover world. They can select to participate one day or two days.
About the VO Atlanta 2019 Summer Intensive session with Kay Bess.
Kay Bess – Commercial VO
During our time together, we will toss off commonplace misunderstandings of what makes a great voice actor. The sound of one’s voice is perhaps the smallest piece of the puzzle. Unless we’re certifiable, we humans never speak simply because our voices sound interesting. We speak in response to something; to others, to sounds, to sights, perhaps. But we never speak in a vacuum. Responding implies that we are listening, and we have heard. Listening is first in any great acting approach. It’s primary to the one in which I’ve been trained – Meisner Technique. But how do you listen, and what are you listening to/for, when you’re alone in the booth and your job is to speak? This is what we’ll figure out together.

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