The VO Atlanta 2019 Summer Intensive is back again to connect Voiceover talent with industry experts. This program will give the attendees a chance to work on their craft, learn a few new tricks and get tips on how to get more opportunities in the Voiceover world. They can select to participate one day or two days.
Cliff Zellman – Automotive VO
It’s become clear, VO for automotive is hotter than ever. Women are everywhere, characters galore and it not just yelling and selling… anymore. Don’t live in L.A. or N.Y.? With local & regional automotive, you are in control of your VO destiny.
There are over 16,000 new car dealerships and over 139,000 used car dealerships across the U.S.* WOW! Learn why it’s the Holy Grail of VO. Sound great? Here’s the catch: you must understand the how’s and why’s of the script. What makes a great automotive read and nails the audition is how you handle each and every line.
And, you need to know how to market yourself! Easy? No. Doable? Absolutely!…Want help? I have directed, edited and mixed over 21,000 auto spots over the past 22 years! Looking for a solid VO workout? It’s more fun than you can possibly imagine.
Join me for this year’s VO Atlanta Summer Intensive 2019 as I take you deep into the world of Voice Over for Automotive!

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