The Audiobook Academy at VO Atlanta presented by debuting in 2020 features a very unique resource sure to benefit audiobook narrators; Michele Cobb. Michele has been a part of the past few VO Atlanta Voiceover Conferences, but 2020 offers something different.

Michele Cobb worked for years as a theatre director and general manager across the globe before she became involved in audiobooks, which provided her an excellent background in sales, marketing, people management, and presentation. Now a recognized expert in the audio publishing industry, she began her audiobook career as Assistant Managing Director for L.A. Theatre Works, became Vice President of Sales & Marketing for the British Broadcasting Corporation audiobooks division, and has served on the Audio Publishers Association (APA) board since 2001 as a director, officer, and Executive Director. As a consultant for PR, Sales, Marketing, and Business Development services, she works with a long list of clients and is a Publisher of both AudioFile Magazine and MMB Media LLC. Michele is an avid traveler who enjoys being in front of a crowd and she is a frequent, popular speaker at conferences, workshops, events, and panels. Michele enjoys traipsing the globe with her husband and daughter whenever she can and winning Fitbit step contests. Learn more about Michele and her organization, Forte Business Consulting. 

With the background and experience Michele brings to the Academy, we’re excited about the level of knowledge and engagement attendees will experience. Audiobook Narrators deserve great training and that training benefits not only the narrator but also organizations that need them.

According to Gerald Griffith, Executive Producer, for the VO Atlanta Voiceover Conference says “It’s very important to have experienced leadership in every aspect of the conference and Michele reflects this type of experience and knowledge of what it takes to succeed as a narrator in the audiobook sector.” He goes on to think about the great list of sessions being offered at The Academy and can’t think of anyone better to lead this expansion.

To learn more about the Audiobook Academy at VO Atlanta and narrator training opportunities available for those looking for training in the areas of audiobook narration. Voiceover narrators will appreciate the work and experience of Michele and the team of presenters she’s brought together for this amazing voiceover narrator’s training opportunity.

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VO Atlanta 2022 | March 31st to April 3rd, 2022