ACX, by,  is a marketplace where authors, Young Adult literary agents, publishers, and other Rights Holders can connect with narrators, engineers, recording studios, and other Producers capable of producing a finished audiobook. This is why it’s great to have them taking a lead role in The Audiobook Academy at VO Atlanta this coming March 27-28 in Atlanta, Georgia. The VO Atlanta Audiobook Academy presented by ACX is audiobook narrator training geared towards those who have narrated fewer than 50 titles. Areas of focus will be technical, business and performance with Breakouts and X-sessions (small group workshops) available in each in addition to a few panel discussions designed to help you. Whether you are at the start of your audiobook journey and need help setting up your home studio and profile for audiobook work, you’ve recorded a few audiobooks and need guidance on next steps to forward your career, or you want to work on improving your performances – The Audiobook Academy at VO Atlanta (AAVOA) will have exciting educational options and top names as a guide. As a leading resource in the audiobook community, ACX has been a part of the VO Atlanta experience for several years and when the idea of having a dedicated program to focus on the audiobook community, ACX stepped up to take the lead. They have played a key role in shaping the academy along with the VO Atlanta Audiobook Academy director, Michele Cobb. The program is simply amazing and offers a unique learning experience that spans multiple days and gives narrators an opportunity to learn, network, and socialize. VO Atlanta has always involved audiobook narrators in the conference planning process which generally offered around 7 breakout sessions, 3-4 small group workshops, and multiple panel discussions. By expanding that conference track into a program, narrators will now have access to nearly 20 unique breakout sessions, 10 different small group workshops, and several panel discussions. We’re very excited about the program and looking forward to welcoming hundreds of audiobook narrators to Atlanta for the kickoff. Additional details about the program can be found on the VO Atlanta website. Additional supporters of the academy include Hindenburg Software, Learning Ally, Ahab Audiobooks, ListenUp Audiobooks, and VoiceoverXtra.