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When VO Atlanta started in 2013, the conference enjoyed just 150 attendees and we were running as fast as we could from room to room in order to keep things running.  We ran a little behind from time to time, but we somehow managed to get through it.  That year, we had just 10 volunteers holding things together.

Since that time, we’ve gained dozens of Ambassadors and have an attendance of nearly 600 attendees.  We depend on a team of great people to make it possible.  Our core team is still pretty small and we’ve come to depend on building a team of excited, talented, and giving individuals to make the conference what it is.

When you see any of our team members around the conference, be sure to give them a “Thank You” and let them know how things are going for you.  They love to help and they’re hearing from you.


You’re Invited

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of the business, or just getting started, you’re invited to be a part of the VO Atlanta Experience.  It’s our belief that by sharing and learning from one another, the industry remains strong and healthy.  So, go ahead and make the decision to join us at the next conference.  Already coming?  Great.  Be sure to bring a friend and we’ll see you there.

Andrea Toyias, Casting Director

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