As we all settle into the holiday season, it’s a great time to think about the opportunities we have to appreciate and give back in support of others. In this posting, Sally Clawson shares with us her thoughts on ways to give and how we can all do our part to do something good.


By Sally Clawson

I must confess that I’ve already bought all of my holiday gifts. I just couldn’t wait. “Type A personality?” Maybe. But I get a super excited, jump-up-and-down thrill from giving a sure-to-be-loved gift.

What if you could feel that same joy when auditioning for a voice-over job?

Rather than worrying about your sound and technique, approach your auditions as a gift to the client. In order to give them something you know they’ll love, get to know them by reading through the script with an eye for the branding and copy points that they want to be highlighted. Notice how they’ve formatted the script so that you see where they want you to pivot from problem to solution or from body to resolve. And pay attention to what is at the heart of their message, so that you can read it with their message in your heart.

This process of giving an audition, rather than recording an audition, will also return multiple gifts to you. It will help you focus on how your message impacts the job, not about how the job impacts you. It will provide a fresh analysis of a script, let you feel the anticipation of someone reading something that you recorded specifically for them, and, the biggest bonus, it will likely make the client very, very happy.

Since the joy of giving is familiar to us all, let it work for you. Take yourself out of the equation and offer up your gifts to an eager and grateful client. You may even unwrap several booked jobs under your tree this year.

Sally Clawson is the owner of Voice One Training in San Francisco and will be teaching two X Sessions on Script Analysis in Commercial VO at VO Atlanta 2020.