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Welcome to VO Atlanta

After six years, VO Atlanta has grown to become the largest event of its kind in the VO Community. Join us and connect with the best and brightest in the industry. Along the way, have fun, learn a lot, and walk away with the experience of a lifetime. We look forward to seeing you there.

VO Atlanta 2019 - REFRESH

Join us for the 7th Annual VO Atlanta Voiceover Conference March 28th – 31st, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia. Network, learn and grow with hundreds of talent, agents, directors, producers, and resource providers from around the world.


US States


Hours Scheduled

50 Industry Breakout

VO Atlanta Offers training and information that speaks to the entire VO Industry. Choose from 50 different breakout sessions and take your career to the next level.

Panel Discussions

With more than a dozen panel discussions, you’ll be able to gain valuable knowledge about various topics affecting the industry and how you can be a huge success.


VO Atlanta offers the most industry-specific workshops (X-Sessions) you’ll find anywhere. With nearly fifty opportunities to attend these options workshops, you’re sure to find something just for you.

Conference Overview

VO Atlanta is the ultimate gathering for members of the voice acting community.  Unlike many conferences with tens of thousands in attendance, VO Atlanta is a focused industry event attracting talent, agents, directors, and industry resources from around the world.  With our innovative programs and sessions presented by industry leaders, VO Atlanta represents a place where the voiceover industry is made better.

Areas Covered Include…


Gaming – Animation

Narration – eLearning

Performance – IMPROV

Promo – Imaging

Business – Marketing

International VO

Technology and Production

and more!

March 28-31, 2019

7th Annual VO Atlanta
Voiceover Conference.

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