In Their Words... Elaine Clark

“I was very impressed with the quality and depth of the presenters and presentations. Gerald and the entire support staff couldn’t have been nicer and more caring. Thank you for uniting the VO community, aiding our growth, and supporting our resilience.”

– Elaine Clark

In Their Words... Cam Chaney

This week has been a blast! Information overload lol. But a very good thing. Congrats to Gerald Griffith and the whole team for putting this awesome conference together.

– Cam Chaney

In Their Words.. Megan Selke

It has been amazing! Whatever my expectations were, this has exceeding them. From the organization, to the ambassadors, to the presenters and attendees, everyone and everything has been fantastic!

– Megan Selke

In Their Words... Jocelyn Vierra

It’s been an incredible experience! So much valuable information, as well as inspiration for moving forward. Thank you for all of the love, time, and energy that you put into making this such a wonderful week!

– Jocelyn Vierra

In Their Words... Ericka Simpson

I know, first hand, the amount of effort it takes to produce an online event. There are no words to properly express my thanks. This event has been so fun and inspiring!! I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge this week and met so many AWESOMELY talented voiceover colleagues!! The best part is that the entire community is soooo supportive. I feel like I’ve been a part of this community from day 1.

– Ericka Simpson

In Their Words... JoAnn Pitts

What an exceptional experience! Kudos to you Gerald and the VOA2021 awesome staff, great job. I learned so much and met so many amazing and talented people. Special shout out to all the presenters who were so gracious in sharing information.

– JoAnn Pitts


Over 100 Sessions


Select from the largest assortment of industry-leading voiceover training and discussions.

VO Atlanta has grown to be the largest gathering of its kind. As a result, you gain access to the knowledge and experience not found anywhere else. Our on-demand library let’s you connect beyond the conference.

The Most Expansive Library

VO Atlanta On-Demand offers you the most expansive and updated content available. Learn from today’s leaders what you need to know in order to succeed.


Acting is fundamental to ‘voice-acting’ so this should be an area where you make time to learn how to upgrade your performance.


Take a shot at pushing yourself into animation as you discover how to breathe life into your character work while learning from industry leaders what it takes to succeed.

Audiobook | Audiobook Academy

Our Audiobook Academy, presented by ACX has proven to be a huge hit. Check out the sessions here and chart your path to narrator growth and development.


Your ability to conduct ‘business’ will make the difference in how far you go. This is our largest segment and one we hope you take time to explore as your build your business.

Commercial Voiceover

Commercial voiceover is one of the core areas where talent use their skills. It’s also very competitive. So, you need to learn what agents, directors, and producers are looking for. Discover it here….now.

eLearning and Narration

These areas represent serious business. With effort and focus, you may find yourself voicing work for years at the same client or network. Check out the sessions here to learn more.

Community Related

VO Atlanta is about more than life in the booth, so we’re happy to present a number of sessions that focus on YOU and the community at-large.


Games are no joke when it comes to voiceover, so be sure to dive into some of the content that makes gaming sessions at VO Atlanta top tier.

Production and Technology

Today’s talent are expected to be on top of the latest technology. So, check out our sessions presented by industry leaders from inside and outside the community.

Promo and Imaging

VO Atlanta brings you up close with insiders from the promo world as you learn what it takes to make it in this highly challenging and fast-paced world of promo and imaging.

Spanish Voiceover

As we evolve into our ‘International’ program, we’re happy to have several sessions dedicated to our Spanish speakers.

Vocal Support

From keeping your self healthy, stretching, accents, dialects, etc. our Vocal Support sessions are top-notch. The sessions are presented by leaders in vocal health and well-being.

Specialty Sessions

With so many categories, we needed to find a place to put all of our special sessions such as automotive, explainers, podcasting, and many more. There’s bound to be something there to spark your interest.

The Journey to Resilience

This year’s VO Atlanta offered a rare opportunity to look deeper into the lives of six special guest within the voiceover community.  They shared their highlights and their darkest moments and invited us to come along for the ride.  This is their “Journey to Resilience”


We’ve put a few questions and answers here to help you understand what we have to offer and how things work.

We’re excited to have you join us and we understand you may have a few questions. Please take a look at the common questions we get and the information we hope provide the answers you need.  You can still feel free to contact us if you don’t see your answer here.

How long do I have access?

Access is based on which plan you select. Options range from 30-days to 6-months. Some plans include the option to download content which you can access with no time restrictions.

Do recordings include ALL of the conference content?

With the exception of our workshops or sessions which include licensed content, we’ve included all of the content captured during our conference time.

How do your plans work?

You have the option of selecting the plan that works for you.  If you know what you want to watch and plan to dive in, you may be okay with a 30-day option. If you like to take your time exploring, you will want to explore a 60 or 90 day option. It’s still a great idea to select a download option should you want to keep it long term.

Can I share my account?

Sharing isn’t allowed and could actually result in the cancellation of your account. Our team works hard to bring you great resources from around the industry and we depend on your support to keep things going.

Do you offer refunds?

We do not offer refunds.  We’re happy to work with you to address any particular issue you may have, but we’re unable to handle refunds of payments.

Can I use a credit from the conference towards an upgrade?

Yes. In addition, you can request a voucher of any available credit to give to someone else you think might benefit from a discount or free registration to a wonderful library of content.

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