March 28-31, 2019

Hilton Atlanta Airport, Atlanta, GA

What is

VO Atlanta?

VO Atlanta is the largest voiceover industry event spanning four days and bringing together hundreds of voice actors, agents, directors, producers, and resource providers for a weekend of learning, networking, and socializing. With more than 200 hours of scheduled activities, VO Atlanta offers a large variety of options for each attendee.

Voiceover can be a somewhat isolating endeavor and VO Atlanta provides the perfect opportunity to get out of the booth and connect with people from the voiceover community?

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What to Expect

Bringing together talent, agents, directors, and producers from around the world, VO Atlanta represents the community and coming together for a weekend of learning, networking, and engagement.  During your time with us, you’ll strengthen your career, build your network, and leave with memories that will last a lifetime.

The VO Atlanta Conference is about you and providing you the opportunity to grow and expand your horizons in ways you can’t imagine.

Unforgettable experience

VO Atlanta connects you in ways you’ve never imagined. Learn, network, and have fun.

A Huge number of options

Create your own conference experience with dozens of options to choose from

Kay Bess, 2019 Keynote Speaker

We’re excited to have industry veteran, Kay Bess, joining us as our keynote speaker for VO Atlanta 2019. We had the pleasure of having Kay as one of our presenters in 2018 and were so impressed with her story, dedication to professionalism, and interest in contributing to the careers of others, we felt she represented the kind of person we’d love to have as our keynote for 2019.

Finding your voice in the world is never an easy task. It’s even more daunting if you’re Kay Bess, having had a severe stutter as a child. Her perseverance in overcoming that obstacle not only allowed her to find her voice, but also an expansive career as a voice actor. For nearly three decades since attending the BFA program in Acting at USC, Kay has worked non-stop and isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Kay.

A Weekend of Community and Connections

VO Atlanta will be the most immersive experience you’ll have this year as you connect with talent, agents, directors, producers, and resource providers from around the world during this four-day conference. Get plenty of rest because you’re about to have a blast.

Pre-Conference (3/28)

Even before the formal kickoff to the conference, VO Atlanta is busy getting you started with special sessions and early workshops for those who don’t want to miss a moment once things kick off.

Thursday (3/28)

Starting in 2019, we’ve moved our opening Keynote Address to Thursday evening, so we hope you make it a point of arriving early. We’ve even worked with our sponsors to have a special sneak peek of the exhibit hall before it officially opens on Friday.

Friday (3/29)

We hope you got some sleep because think gets started with morning fitness and go all day long with breakouts, panel discussions, workshops, and fun sessions to end the day networking and having a blast with our Friday Night Chill – Karaoke Night

Saturday (3/30)

Saturday offers more talks, workshops and workshops, and even more opportunities to connect over lunch and breaks. In the evening kick up your heels at our conference party before trying to get some rest for our Sunday wrap-up.

Sunday Wrapup (3/31)

YES! Our Sunday wrap-up is a time when we celebrate the conference, new friendships, awesome learning, and what lay ahead. There’s laughter, tears, and a sense of community that’s simply amazing. Did we mention the thousands in give-aways?

Post Conference Networking

The highlight of VO Atlanta is our Sunday wrapup where we credit our wonderful speakers, sponsors, and you. In this final session, we give away thousands of dollars in gifts and prizes. Afterward, a meetup in the outside area for photos and goodbyes. 

Current and Past Sponsors

We’re thankful to those organizations that support the VO Atlanta Voiceover Conference and invite you to learn more about how they work to help grow and benefit your voiceover career.

Be sure to visit their website and tell thanks for supporting The VO Atlanta Voiceover Conference.


VO Atlanta offers more than 50 unique workshops in addition to dozens of expert panels and discussions on topics relevant to the voiceover community. This is your chance to learn what you need to succeed.


With attendees from all around the world, you’re sure to discover there are a lot of great people in the voiceover community. Leverage in-person and digital tools to connect and expand your network.


Some of the most exciting activities at VO Atlanta focus totally on you having fun. From our popular karaoke to our Saturday night party, you’ll have a lot of opportunities to laugh, play, and dance.

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